Neutralize reptile attacks with deliberate, neuropsychology-based countermeasures.


Reptile strategies wreak havoc for the other side. 

Best case: your star witness loses credibility. Worst case: your witness walks into a carefully laid trap and unwittingly admits negligence. CSI offers scientifically-based solutions to defuse all types of reptile tactics and keep your case on track.

Reptile attorneys prey upon the natural psychological tendencies of witnesses, jurors, and even opposing counsel. Their manipulative tactics compromise witnesses. Their exploitation of communications principles seduces juries. Their calculated approach “baits” defense counsel into fighting on a plaintiff’s battleground.

Ultimately, this psychological warfare forces inflated settlements and can completely change the trajectory of a case. You can’t afford not to prepare a CSI counterattack.


Protect your position in medical malpractice, product liability and transportation matters.

Traditional witness training does not adequately prepare witnesses to sidestep the danger of manipulative questioning about safety and danger. Further, witnesses are not the only targets of a reptile attack. Fortunately, CSI has the most effective training protocol in the industry to mitigate plaintiff reptile techniques. 

The  Courtroom Sciences Inc. ®  team possesses doctoral-level training in cognitive and behavior science, and we are leaders in methodically detecting and defusing reptile tactics. Our anti-reptile instruction enhances our Mock Trial and Witness Training services during discovery, and guides our recommendations for voir dire, opening statements and witness preparation leading up to trial.  


Fight fire with fire.

Generic suggestions such as “you need to better prepare your witnesses” and “tell a better story during opening” recklessly misguide attorneys who are defending reptile cases. Far more scientific and specialized instruction is necessary.

CSI provides the neuro-psychological weaponry needed to defeat the reptile approach.  We advise on the precise actions to neutralize reptile tactics across the litigation timeline; specifically: negating an attorney’s voir dire priming, delivering a more effective opening statement, and preparing defense witnesses differently. 


Deposition Testimony

If witnesses are not specifically trained to deal with reptile questions and tactics, the odds of them delivering damaging testimony is high. 

CSI leverages its expertise in neurocognitive science, communication science, personality theory, learning theory and emotional control to conduct a sophisticated cognitive schema reconstruction process which, upon completion, makes the witness immune to reptile attacks.

Voir Dire

Reptile attorneys use  voir dire to seed keywords and theories with prospective jurors in order to make their case themes more familiar and believable during trial.

CSI’s doctoral-level team collaborates with defense counsel to develop a  voir dire that identifies biased jurors, but also strategically re-primes jurors with the defense terms, language, and definitions that will make the jury more receptive to the defendant’s opening statements.

Opening Statements

Reptile attorneys lure opposing counsel into responding to plaintiff’s themes and dubious claims – an action which reinforces the plaintiff’s position.

CSI’s neuropsychology experts prevent counsel from playing into the hands of opposing counsel and help to develop opening statements that change the cognitive lens through which jurors view the case. This lens can drastically affect how jurors perceive information as a case progresses, so one must choose this lens very carefully.

Trial Testimony

Witnesses are easily ensnared in a “gotcha moment” that ignites their emotions or coaxes them into a contradiction in front of an impressionable jury. 

CSI has deconstructed how reptile attorneys conduct safety rule attacks and emotional attacks to gain leverage in the courtroom. This insight, coupled with our advanced cognitive training in the areas of attention, concentration, focus, and information processing, helps witnesses to thwart these attacks and protect their integrity in the eyes of jurors. 




CSI’s experts have published several white papers and articles on the topic of neutralizing reptile tactics. Access the entire collection from the CSI Research Library.