Win more by partnering with CSI.

Your firm is all about winning. And winning takes preparation, plus a strong team. Build a winning team by partnering with Courtroom Sciences, Inc. (CSI ® ). CSI provides a unique, comprehensive range of solutions that deliver value throughout the litigation lifecycle.

With CSI, you can differentiate yourself – and your firm - by providing research-based analysis to improve outcomes. CSI’s Litigation Consultants are Ph.D.-level clinical and social psychologists with extensive experience in predicting human behavior to drive insights into jury decision making and in modifying human behavior for improved performance during deposition and trial testimony. 

Plus, CSI is the only litigation consulting company with a practice dedicated to crisis and litigation communications plus third-party record retrieval and court reporting services. This wide range of services arms your firm with a single resource to help your clients from the moment a crisis or lawsuit arises, through discovery, depositions, and trial.


Winning in four steps.  

CSI is dedicated to partnering with defense counsel to assist your

clients in achieving better settlement and trial outcomes,

preventing nuclear verdicts, facilitating a better deposition

performance by witnesses, and guiding the selection of a jury that

is favorable to the defense, while also helping to remove the

administrative burden of litigation support from your law firm by

managing third-party records retrieval and court reporting


The benefits CSI delivers to your firm and your clients

  • Crisis planning – Help your clients protect their reputation and brand by ensuring they are prepared for potential crises and litigation before they occur.

  • Third-party records retrieval – Free up your paralegals for higher value legal work by leveraging our expertise with authorizations, drafting and domesticating subpoenas, preparing Depositions on Written Questions, plus all custodian follow-up for securing records.

  • Court reporting – Take advantage of worldwide scheduling of court reporters, videographers, interpreters, and facilities for depositions, arbitrations, mediations and hearings, all with a single call, email, or online request.

  • Witness effectiveness training – Ensure fact witnesses, corporate representatives, and expert witnesses are effective in their depositions and trial testimony and are prepared for Reptilian psychological tactics and attacks that can decimate your case.

  • Litigation risk assessment – Help your client understand the scope of exposure and potential damages early in a case to aid in settlement and mediation discussions and trial preparation.

  • Mock trials and focus groups – Leverage scientifically-valid research to illuminate how the litigants, evidence, themes, and witnesses are likely to be viewed at the jury level, whether you ever go to trial or not.

  • Jury selection – Gain a deeper understanding of juror profiles – beyond simple demographics – via proven, scientifically-based, psychometric methodologies to help you compose the optimal trier-of-fact.