What We Do   


We prepare spokespeople and craft messages that are based on scientific research  while properly protecting future litigation positions.


CSI’s psychometric approach reveals the stakes involved and identifies and corrects potential flaws in witnesses and case themes.


Our expeditious retrieval of records and coordination of depositions and trial services liberate legal counsel to focus on substantive practice.

Damage control and cost containment begin before the lawsuit is filed

When litigation is imminent, companies that aim to succeed start by retaining two mission-critical professionals: Courtroom Sciences  and outside counsel.

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CSI provides corporations and their outside counsel with the specialized knowledge needed to proactively stay ahead of the adversary at critical stages of the litigation lifecycle. 

We empirically analyze and evaluate liability to identify a company’s vulnerabilities, mitigate damages and contain costs when litigation arises. Our properly credentialed doctoral-level experts apply science, analytics and over 30 years of applied behavioral expertise to give litigators a tactical advantage—often before a case is even filed. 

We call it “Directional Discovery.” Our clients call it protection against economic and reputational disaster in litigation.

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CSI’s scientific method makes all aspects of your matters more predictable.

Courtroom Sciences Inc. ®  is the only consultancy that supports your business from the moment litigation is reasonably anticipated through the litigation lifecycle. Our contributions span everything from the perceptions among the public and the jury, to the effectiveness of themes and witnesses, to systematized records retrieval and state-of-the-art court reporting. 

Our science-driven, comprehensive approach enables our clients to better manage and forecast disruptions by gaining unprecedented visibility, transparency and predictability throughout the litigation lifecycle.

CSI ... control

While clients brace themselves for litigation, CSI provides critical insight in times of uncertainty. Our consultants ensure that public statements won’t undermine the litigation strategy. Plus we assist with case preparation via expeditious retrieval of records. 

Crisis Occurs
Lawsuit Filed



As the variables of litigation emerge, CSI helps to solidify the winning themes and theories based on science, not hunches. CSI’s proven litigation science empowers counsel to make data-driven decisions about case strategy, favorable narratives, witness quality/integrity, and the scope of discovery. 
Research & Strategy



Our litigation psychology team applies behavioral science to optimize the performance of fact witnesses and to curate ideal juror profiles. This synergy maximizes the likelihood of case narratives resonating with the trier-of-fact. In parallel, our litigation support team manages all aspects of recording testimony. 

Trial Prep



CSI advises on the elimination of as many non-ideal venire as possible, and through scientific trial monitoring, CSI assesses which aspects of the narrative are on target and which need recalibration. Post-trial interviews enrich insights and data points that influence future litigation. 


Our online portal securely stores the deliverables from all phases and puts the data, insights and records at the fingertips of outside counsel and your cross-functional CSI team. 

Our clients refuse to compromise their businesses with commoditized services.

When a legal matter puts your reputation, revenue or operations at risk, engage Courtroom Sciences Inc.® to seamlessly support outside counsel. Our vast archival data and on-going research studies enable our clients to calibrate, fine tune and validate winning approaches.

This symbiotic partnership minimizes the entities that are involved in your company's sensitive issues while also liberating your outside counsel to focus on substantive law practice rather than the non-legal aspects of the case that drive jury-level decisions and damages. Our scientific approach fortifies the foundation upon which your entire case is built and provides your counsel with the fresh perspective they need to optimize their tactical approach.

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Why CSI?

  • Focused on helping you manage financial and reputational risk

  • Support from the moment a crisis or lawsuit occurs through the end of the trial

  • Our Ph.D.-level psychologists have decades of training in modifying and predicting human behavior; the foremost factor in how a case will be perceived by a jury or the trier-of-fact 

  • CSI consultants use scientific-based research and data analysis to separate clever from correct to more accurately predict results

  • We manage the non-legal aspects of the matter, such as records retrieval and depositions, freeing up your litigation team to focus on what they do best