Leaders in litigation science and litigation psychology.

Setting precedent for over 30 years.

As the top US litigation psychology, jury & trial consulting, witness training, and deposition services company based in settlement sciences, Courtroom Sciences, Inc. has delivered sophisticated services that insulate companies from exorbitant costs, runaway settlements and massive jury verdicts for more than 30 years.

Each year, CSI supports more than 100 mock trials, including massive multi-day events, and our team has supported 10,000+ depositions and thousands of courtroom trials for domestic and international matters. 

Our symbiotic partnership with your legal team streamlines litigation

When your business is in peril and its reputation hangs in the balance, only CSI has the expertise to guide inside and outside counsel as they craft the optimal, data-driven response to litigation. CSI’s portfolio of ancillary services, such as court reporting and records retrieval, further helps outside counsel to concentrate on the facts and case law that are central to the matter.   


Litigation psychology and our proven methodology reduce costs to clients

CSI’s research methods are widely regarded as the best in the industry and our insight is considered the ideal complement to counsel’s legal expertise.  

We provide corporations and their outside counsel with the specialized knowledge needed to proactively stay ahead of the adversary from the moment a crisis occurs,    to eventual appearances in court. For example, CSI’s scientifically-based information reduction process called “Directional Discovery” protects clients against economic disaster in litigation. We have carefully honed all our methodologies so that we can seamlessly dovetail our scientific method with counsel’s legal practice to dramatically reduce costs to companies.  

CSI Cortex • Text and Image
CSI Cortex • Text and Image

CSI's talented team is the envy of our competitors

Other companies claim to deliver similar services, but only CSI offers properly credentialed doctoral-level experts who apply science, analytics and behavioral expertise to give litigators an advantage. Our professional staff specialize in  litigation psychology, jury consulting, witness effectiveness training, plus records retrieval and depositions, and they have estimable backgrounds in psychology, communications, technology, and litigation consulting.  

CSI’s senior management has a combined total of more than 100 years in this niche industry, while its specialists have 140 years of trial consulting experience throughout the US.   Our team is comprised of renowned authors and speakers in the litigation industry. 

Join the CSI team!


Today, our clients know us as "CSI" - the experts in science for all phases of litigation

But we chose the name "Courtroom Sciences, Inc." more than 30 years ago as a reflection of our original specialty in the courtroom.

Decades ago, case after case resulted in “runaway juries” awarding millions of dollars and crippling corporate America. Recognizing the need to wed the practices of law and psychology, CSI was founded by Dr. Phil McGraw (“Dr. Phil”) and Gary Dobbs as a jury consulting firm in 1989. Knowing that trials are often more about perception than reality, CSI began demonstrating to lawyers the importance of behavioral psychology to the practice of law. This partnership between CSI and outside counsel, and the strategic application of litigation psychology, helped to stifle undue damage awards. These "runaway juries" are now known as "nuclear verdicts", driven by the advancement of the plaintiff reptile movement

CSI recognized, as did many academic studies, that jury awards were determined by the attitudes, beliefs and life experiences of the jurors, who are drawn from a cross-section of all walks of life and influences. Jury trial outcomes are more closely connected to psychological antecedents carried by jurors than they are about the legal merits of cases. On this basis, CSI began to introduce proven psychological research techniques to litigation matters. CSI researched and developed strategies based upon why jurors felt the way they did about the litigation parties and how that could influence the outcome. Based on the principle of “meet the jury where they are,” counsel could expertly frame the facts, testimony, and case law to resonate with the jury.  

Building on that partnership, CSI introduced third-party Records Retrieval and Court Reporting & Depositions services to further support counsel and to minimize the entities involved in each sensitive matter. And, upon seeing how information spreads like wildfire in the age of social media, CSI launched our  Crisis and Litigation Communications service to ensure the initial public statements issued by a company don’t negatively affect future litigation.   While our history began in a courtroom setting, today, CSI helps companies from the moment a crisis occurs.  As such, CSI stands as a true single source solution for many litigation support functions, further streamlining your efforts.


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CSI Sophistication

Unparalleled quality and skill.

Scientific method

CSI is the only company of its kind to base its specialized services on the scientific method, thereby perfectly complementing outside counsel’s forte in the practice of law.

5-star service

Each of CSI’s thousands of clients enjoys 5-star service and a world-class experience.

Proper credentials

Proper credentials, relevant experience and robust mentoring program are the hallmarks of our talent pool. Our team members have backgrounds in diverse and specialized fields including law, doctoral-level psychology, communications, court administration, project management, social sciences, multivariate statistical analysis, and statistical modeling.

Strategic analytics

As a science and statistical-based consulting company, our clients gain powerful analytics and business intelligence into their litigation spend and cost containment efforts.

Best-of-breed technology

CSI leverages top technologies to deliver our services (e.g., real-time transcription), to streamline service-delivery for scheduling, analytics and repository, and to integrate with our clients' preferred systems for team collaboration, litigation support and case prep.

CSI Stability

A partner you can count on.

30 year history

Founded 30 years ago, CSI is the longest-running, specialized litigation consulting company in the nation.                        

Consistent ownership and management

CSI is the only firm of its kind to be owned and operated by the original founding family, which leads to unparalleled continuity for our clients

Referral growth

While similar companies have expanded through acquisitions, CSI has relied on consistent and careful growth from meticulous selection of talent, repeat clients and their referrals .


CSI is repeatedly heralded for its service quality. Our company has been awarded “Litigation Consulting Company of the Year” and “Best Trial Consulting Firm”, and the company has been named “Best of Texas” and for several years (Texas Lawyer). The U.S. Chamber of Commerce also honored CSI with the “Dream Big Small Business of the Year Award”.  

Renowned talent

CSI team members are distinguished authors and speakers in the litigation industry .